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WTF moment: Tanning Mom

I saw the news clip on the mom from New Jersey who took her daughter to a tanning salon and child appear to be sun burnt.  I could not believe my eyes that this woman was so dark; she looked like burnt brown sugar, not a good look for her.  And she say that she does not have a problem; if she does not have a problem, WTF!!!!!!Image


Electric Vehicles


Have anyone seen or driven any of the new electric vehicles that are on the market today.  I would like to know the pros or cons of owing one and which make/model is better.

Sharks Cove

Sharks Cove

Lovely swimming spot

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Jeremy Lin

This guy has blown-up since joining the Knicks Basketball team and getting a starting position, it seem that he had the potential but not the backing. Now there is a never-ending stream of backers trying to get his to let them sponsor him. Jeremy stay true to yourself and you will never lose you way like so many other who have when fame raises its ugly head.

Bin Laden

I have never seen such disrespect for a human being death. Whatever the man did they should have been more that just people out celebrating his death.  One will never know the truth about 9/11 now that he is dead.

We, show more respect from the death of an animal that we do each other.  That is a very sad place were are right now and for the TV stations to have shown those people celebrating after the news of his death was down right disgusting.

Hello world!

This is my first blog and it seem that even though I have ideas on what to say it is hard saying it the right way.

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Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief let down

    I went to see this movie last night, I went in excited and optimustic and left disappointed and disgusted. The screenwriters who adapted this book to movie could not have read the book or they did not understand the premise of the book because they did a terrible job of adapting the book to screen.
    First of all the main characher, Percy (Perseus) Jackson, who is a 12-year-old boy that finds out his father is Poseidon while at camp Half-blood, is sent on a quest by the Oracle with two other camp members to retrieve the lost lightning bolt from Hades.
    They never introduced Kronos (Titan and father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades) if the screenwriter knew their mythology they would have included this in the movie instead the cut it out
     There is so much that was wrong with this movie that it is a shame that they were allow to make this crap.

R. Kelly Situation

Can you believe that people are actucally defending him and the situation that he is in.  I was listening to my morning drive radio station and someone call in about his trial.  the djs said after seeing the video of his exploits that they could not say that he was guilty.  I thought the he was the mature adult here and that means that he had a choice in which to act or stop the whole thing from happening but he participated in this act with a minor.  How can anyone defend that?